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What Causes the Majority of Cybersecurity Threats
Cybersecurity threats stemming from USB devices continue to gain prominence and potency Cybersecurity threats aren’t going anywhere as we rely more on technology in business and our personal lives. Here's what to know from the 2022 Industrial Cybersecurity USB Threat Report. 52% of threats are specifically designed to utilize USB removable devices. That’s compared to 37% in 2021, and almost triple from 19% in the 2020 report. 81% of threats are capable of causing a disruption to Operational Technology (OT) systems, the underlying technology used to control industrial environments. That’s up from 79% in the 2021 report. Trojans – malware designed to trick you into executing it – account for 76% of threats. Typically, a trojan disguises itself as a legitimate software to get you to download or take action, or it embeds malicious code into everyday documents. 51% of threats are designed to establish remote access or remote control. This remains consistent with 2021, but the threat level remains high, according to this year’s report. Download this year's Honeywell Industrial Cybersecurity USB Threat Report and learn more about the cyber threats facing businesses, as well as how to detect threats earlier and respond to incidents faster. While this report is based on aggregated data from Honeywell Forge SMX and is fully anonymized, the findings represent consolidated views into the collective data set, and sample set findings are interpreted in light of impact upon the larger sample set. Industries represented include all critical infrastructure sectors defined by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). This is manager Phil. welcome to our website. we offer the Honeywell for more than 10 years. especially the discontinued automation DCS modules. HONEYWELL MODULES IN STOCK 8C-PAIMA1 51454473-175 FC-SAI-1620 10005/1/1 CC-PAIH01 51405038-175 8C-PAIN01 51454356-175 FC-SAI-1620M 10006/2/1 CC-PAIH02 51405038-375 8C-PAINA1 51454470-175 FC-SDIL-1608 V1.3 10012/1/2 CC-PAIH02 51405038-376 8C-PAOH51 51454355-175 FC-SDO-0824 V1.3 10014/1/1 CC-PAIM01 51405045-175 8C-PAOHA1 51454469-275 FC-SDO-0824 V1.4 10014/F/F CC-PAIN01 51410069-176 8C-PAONA1 51454469-175 FC-SDOL-0424 10014/H/F CC-PAIX01 51405038-275
Sep 09, 2022
ABB - leading the wind energy turbines to be digital
ABB is bringing digital technology to wind turbines with ABB remote support services for wind farm operators.   This increases turbine uptime, lowers operation and maintenance (O&M) costs and reduces the cost of producing energy. Clean power Clean, renewable wind power continues to grow as countries seek to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In 2017, installed wind power  capacity had grown to more than 539.5 GW, with more than 80 countries using wind power to supply their electricity grids, according  to the Global Wind Energy Council. Wind parks are often located in mountainous regions or offshore to capture the most favorable wind conditions. Because reaching these  sites is difficult, remote support services based on digital technology can play an important role in maintaining turbine uptime and availability. ABB is a major manufacturer of generators, frequency converters and transformers for wind turbines, and has supplied converters for more  than 16,000 turbines worldwide. The generator, converter and transformer form the turbine’s electrical drivetrain, and ABB – working with  customers - is now leading the digital transformation of this drivetrain. The digital electrical drivetrain and ABB Ability remote support services will help wind parks to boost annual energy production and reduce production  costs. This will make wind power more competitive against fossil fuels, leading to an increase in the share of energy produced in a clean, sustainable way. Welcome to  Amikon limited website. This manager Phil, we supply ABB modules more than 10 years with good price. the following is our advantage: 07KT98 WT98,07KT97 WT97,DCP10... AC800M series (CI854AK01,CI867K01,PM891K01...) AC800F series (EI803F,EI813F,FI830F,FI820F....) AC31 series controller module 800xA S800 series (CI840A,TB820V2,AI830A,AO810V2,DP820...) Do not hesitate to get the best quotation from us! Phil: Email: Tel/whatsapp: Skype: +86-18020714492
Sep 03, 2022
ABB PLC Drives for the cement industry
Drives for the cement industry Increase production and save energy CO2 emissions of the fuels used in cement production are a hot topic in the industry discussions, but more and more also energy  efficiency is increasing its importance. The reason for this is that in addition to the improved profitability, authorities are beginning  to steer industries towards more efficient processes. By using variable speed drives (VSD) to control high efficiency motors in your  cement manufacturing process, you can reduce energy consumption significantly compared to traditional fixed speed motors. VSDs  also provide you an accurate control for your processes, and our PLCs help all your processes to work in co-ordination with each other. ABB portfolio includes a wide range of low voltage drives, medium voltage drives, DC drives, scalable PLCs, motors, mechanical power transmission, and a selection of HMIs. From crushers to fans, from separators to kilns. ABB drives and PLCs easily integrate into new or existing installations. Global ABB  service and support gives the 24/7 confidence you need. Dependability. Energy savings. Increased production. Everything counts with high quality cement.  This is Phil, from Amikon limited we offer the ABB PLC & DCS modules nearly 16 years.  Email Address: Skype: WhatsApp&Wechat: +86-18020714492 ABB PCL MODULES IN STOCK 07DI92 WT92 GJR5252400R4101 07DI92 WTDI92 GJR5252400R4101 07EA63R1 07KR91 GJR5250000R0101 07KT93 GJR5251300R0171 07KT97 WT97 GJR5253000R4270 07MK92 GJR5253300R3161 3HAC024322-001 3HAC026787-002 3HAC028954-004 3HAC031683-004 3HAC039728-001 3HAC14551-2 3HAC17282-1
Aug 27, 2022

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